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Delter Coffee Tools

Delter Press

$49.00 $44.99
Designed and designed in Australia, the Delter coffee press offers a unique system, the Jet-Seal, which separates the water and the ground coffee to avoid uncontrolled agitation. The Delter Coffee Press is a portable brewing system that brews up to 400ml of coffee using the sealing jet that keeps coffee and water separate. What sets it apart is its extraction process by injection rather than by immersion like the Aeropress. The type of brewing of the Delter coffee press is more like a V60 than an espresso. It also offers a shorter extraction time, perfect for coffee shops on vacation, traveling, on the road or at work.t.

Description of the Delter Press

  • 250ml infusion chamber capacity
  • 30g grinding chamber capacity
  • Compact, light 250g and ultra portablele
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Accepts standard AeroPress filter papers
  • BPA free Tritan copolyester; silicone
  • Dimensions: ø2.5 "x W3.9" x H6.7 "ø6.5cm x W10cm x H17cmm

à partir de 75$ (Canada)

(Québec Ontario)

(Ville de Québec, voir territoire)

  1. Insert a filter in the cap and rinse under water
  2. Make sure the plunger is inserted and fully seated in the brew chamber
  3. Turn the brewing chamber upside down and fill the coffee chamber with a 12 g portion of ground coffee, a little finer than that of the filter typee)
  4. Twist the cap, flip it over your mug and start pouring
  5. Fill to the indicated line 200 ml / servingn)
  6. Raise the plunger to the desired dosage and press
  7. Lift the plunger and repeat. Recharge the brew chamber for a double dose.


Delter Press

$49.00 $44.99