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Société des Cafés

Coffee ritual set - Ceramic cup and plate


Following the creation of the first ceramic cup made to measure for the Société des Cafés by Épinette Noire, we wanted to further harmonize the art of the table and the coffee. We therefore asked Vivianne to create the plate matching our cup so that your croissants, donuts or berries can better accompany your coffees. The ideal set to celebrate Mother's Day and please the coffee-loving mom.

Handmade in Quebec

Characterized by very high hardness, this coffee mugand ceramic plate offer excellent resistance to chemical or climatic attacks. This resistance is obtained by firing at very high temperatures and the choice of clay.

Hand painted in the image of our visual identity, the colors are made from a colored clay, fired with the piece, which ensures that the color will never fade or scratch. The outer side of the plate(peripheral part of the plate constituting a horizontal crown around the central basin) is blue like the center and the underside and has vitrified with cooking.

Cup Information

  • Clay used: sandstone
  • Capacity: 8.5 fluid ounces
  • Width 7.5 cm
  • Height 6.5 cm

Plate information

  • Clay used: sandstone
  • 6 inch diameter
  • Hand-turned and painted
  • The interior and the trim are made of a blue enamel, vitrified during heating, which ensures impermeability and resistance to temperature changes.
  • 1 inch high marli

Made to measure by Black Spruce


à partir de 75$ (Canada)

(Québec Ontario)

(Ville de Québec, voir territoire)

Coffee ritual set - Ceramic cup and plate