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Ascaso Dream with PID


The Ascaso Dream is a gem of design and functionality for a simple kettle-type appliance. Founded in 1962, Ascaso is a company from Spain, whose manufacture is located in Barcelona, producing espresso machines and coffee grinders. It is without a doubt a machine that will appeal to espresso aficionados at home.

With its PID temperature controller, you will be able to infuse in full control of the temperature of your extractions. The device offers you a programmable pre-infusion, controllable from its digital dial, as well as an infusion timer in single or double dose mode. It has athermoblock which allows you to operate your kettle from 45 to 60 seconds after your extraction. Its water tank is visible, equipped with a light, both from the front and from the side. It slides easily to fill it up.


  • PID controller
    • Adjustable by degree
    • Electronic control of the steam nozzle
    • Pause option
    • Dose timer
    • Programmable pre-brewing (0 to 5 seconds)
    • Alarms (5): water / coffee ratio, coffee or steam nozzle, group or steam nozzle (error displayed on the digital dial)
  • Adjustable pressure valve
  • Dose control, small or large coffee
  • Pressure dial for better control of extractions
  • Multi-directional steam nozzle (360), heat resistant and easy to clean
  • Equipped with athermoblock, significantly reducing energy consumption and stabilizing the thermal stability of the group
  • Cup stove (consumes 38W)
  • 58 mm portafilter with ergonomic wooden handle
  • Tank with light

à partir de 75$ (Canada)

(Québec Ontario)

(Ville de Québec, voir territoire)

Suggested ratio: 1/2

  1. Weigh and grind the recommended amount of coffee beans for your portafilter for a very fine grind.
  2. Level the coffee by tapping the portafilter or using a dispenser for best results.
  3. Squeeze your coffee and install your filter holder in the head group.
  4. Use a scale and stopwatch to control your extraction parameters if these tools are not built into your machine.
  5. Activate your espresso machine while starting your stopwatch.
  6. Let run until you get a ratio of 1 g of coffee to 2 parts of water. This should take around 30 seconds.
  7. Readjust your extraction parameters for the next time if you do not like the cup result (grind, amount of coffee, extraction time, pressure or temperature if possible).

Ascaso Dream with PID