• Subscription to the discovery coffee box
  • Subscription to the discovery coffee box
  • Subscription to the discovery coffee box

Subscription to the discovery coffee box

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More than 100 products and 60 specialty coffee roasters

Want to discover new coffees and roasters that exactly match your profile Our coffee discovery box is a selection of specialty coffees by our team, adapted to your style and your type of infusion..

The subscription allows you to benefit

From a 10% discount on the average value of the individual bags of the products that we choose and that make up your box.

Free delivery from 3 bags for the territory of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. Otherwise, we offer a flat rate is $8.95. Prefer to collect in store at no cost Use code RECOVERY at checkout. You will then be notified by email when your box is ready to be picked up in store..

No contract. You no longer like, you can unsubscribe online directly from your account.

At your own pace and according to our selections chosen for you

Like a visit to the store where you let yourself be advised and guided by our recommendations, you will receive your discovery box at home without having to think about when you will need to restock. You choose the pace by determining the delivery schedule, in weeks, and the number of bags. You consumed less quickly than expected You can skip a delivery by indicating it on your online account profile..

Choose from 3 major style categories

Classic: I like the more traditional notes like dark chocolate, molasses and toasty taste. 
Modern:  I like the notes which can be more on caramel, nuts and a fruity side from time to time.
Adventurous: Jlove discovering coffees that take me out of my comfort zone. Who said acidity was a bad thing??

A custom box that accommodates different types of brews and decaffeinated

Compose your mixed box by type of infusion indicating the number of espresso, filter or decaffeinated bags you want.

For example, you would like to receive a box including a classic espresso bag and a modern filter. All you have to do is add to cart in two steps. Add to cart an espresso bag by choosing the classic style. Once the addition is completed, in a second step, indicate the filter bag choosing the modern style. So you'll have a classic espresso and modern filter subscription.

Our prices per bag (from 250g to 350g) are determined according to an average price of products, in the same category (espresso, filter or decaffeinated) and according to the chosen style (classic, modern or adventurous).

Start your subscription by indicating your choices below:

    Regular price
    FIXED RATE at $9.95 for Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes
    LOCAL DELIVERY at $7.95 in Quebec City (when available in delivery options)

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