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We recycle all of these materials, and more:

Containers: beverage bottles, cans, cartons, mugs of all types, lids of all types, milk jugs, sleeves of all types, syrup bottles (no pumps), take-out containers (cleaned) and Tetra container.

Papers: magazines, newspapers, office paper.

Organic: compostable, pastry bags,, sugar bags, tea bags and wooden sticks.

Packaging : chips bags, coffee bags and granola bar wrappers.

Reduce waste and earn money doing it!

Send your cups, lids, sticks, napkins, tea bags, baking bags, beverage containers and food containers. We divert coffee waste from landfill sites and create a new source of income for you, through an eco-fee of shared cups at the point of sale.

If you recycle now, chances are your recycling will be sorted here in North America, but shipped overseas for processing. Your discarded materials can also have a long way to go from the dumpster to the landfill or from the recycling bin to the treatment site, unless these facilities are located near you. uses carbon offset carriers and we plant a tree for each shipment. This means that choosing Perk.eko to collect your materials is a clear benefit to our beautiful planet. Note that the carbon footprint of recycling is significantly lower than that of landfill and the need to extract / cultivate new virgin materials from our precious planet.

3 steps towards eco-responsibility

Reduce waste

Ditch the dumpster and get ready for clean, eco-friendly success with our cup stackers and excess liquid receptacles. No more puddles of coffee at the bottom of your recycling! We collect your recycling on demand.

Display yourself

Show your customers that you are a green leader with our social shareable materials, table presenters, door stickers and point-of-sale signs. You will be listed as a green coffee on the locator on the site.

Earn money and new customers

Be discovered by people who care about the environment, while creating revenue per cup to be spent on other eco-responsible development initiatives. Part of the eco-tax for the single-use cup comes back to us to finance the transport and recycling of waste. The rest is yours for your greener purchases.

Join us in our mission towards an eco-responsible and positive coffee experience for all

Société des Cafés is the Eastern Canada partner for Perk Eco. Contact us now for more information.