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Coffee, a fuel for productivity.

Employers looking to extend the benefits offered in the office by telecommuting can now count on a coffee program. Today, we offer you a unique and advantageous program to allow your employees to enjoy specialty coffees in the comfort of their homes.

A unique and personalized offer

The widest range of coffees (more than 150) for theespresso, thefiltered,thedecaffeinated and even ofthe snapshot among nearly 50 roasters.

Coffees that are always fresh, within a maximum of 2 months of their roasting date, depending onstandards and the industry.

A personalized grinding service, as needed, for each coffee. The employee simply selects the desired grind option at the time of purchase;

Individual home delivery with our delivery partners: by bicycle or electric car for deliveries in the commercial arteries of Quebec and with Purolator or Canada Post for Quebec and Ontario;

A volume discount, depending on eligibility, is automatically applied to your employees' purchases.

Two monthly emails (optional): at the beginning of the month to notify them of the renewal of their allowance and a reminder in the middle of the month.


For employees

Once the company is registered, employees will have tocreate an account on our site, using their corporate email address, in order to be added to the corresponding employee group. Then, once logged in, the employee will have access to all the available products and the prices will be automatically adjusted according to the volume discount granted.

Then, to use their coffee budget, each employee will automatically get a unique code to use when paying on the site. To this end, the employee is not limited by the amount of the allowance and the excess will be payable by his means at the time of purchase.

A reduction of 5 to 15%

Volume discount

The volume allows us to offer reduced prices, which can range from 5 to 15% on the regular prices, these being determined according to the number of employees and the duration of the program.

Different delivery options

We offer a flat rate of $9.95 (Quebec and Ontario) and free delivery from $75. Local delivery, on the eligible territory in Quebec, is offered at $5.95. Our packages are generally delivered within 72 business hours.

Our Terms

Billing and balance

The full amount of the budget is invoiced to the company at the beginning of each month and the preferred method of payment is by bank transfer.

In the event that a monthly budget is not used, we will produce a report, at the end of the program, and a gift card for the unused amount will be given to you.

Ready to caffeinate your team?

All you need to do is complete our registration form and a member of our team will contact you.