Espresso machine maintenance, service and repairs

Rates and operations

To avoid unnecessary travel and transportation of your devices, you must complete the form at the end of this page so that we can qualify your service request.

Services are offered at an hourly rate of $45/h plus taxes. The minimum billed for an intervention, whether for a simple diagnosis or an interview, is one hour.

The minimum initial fee ($45 + taxes) is payable when delivering your equipment, once the service request has been accepted. Any other charges are payable at the time of picking up your hardware.

In the event that a part is to be replaced, an estimate will be provided to you prior to the execution of the work. These are estimated, not final, and in the event that the estimated hours turn out to be higher during execution, we will contact you to obtain your authorization to proceed with the work. If you refuse the estimate following the diagnosis, only the initial costs will be billed to you.

Main interviews and services offered

Malfunction diagnosis;

Replacement of seals and pumps;

Group head cleaning;

Steam nozzle cleaning;

Descaling of pipes and tank;

Mill cleaning;

Mill/machine calibration.

Parts and repairs warranty

The warranty on the work is offered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the device, its condition and its date of manufacture. If applicable, the warranty offered on the work will be specified in the estimate and listed on your invoice. Parts are covered by the manufacturer's manufacturing defect warranty. Note that shipping costs, depending on the manufacturer's policy, may apply to claim the warranty.

Time limit

The estimated time will be indicated to you, as a result of the availability of our team and parts, when confirming the approval of your service request.

Trademarks not accepted

The following brands are not accepted for repair , but are eligible for our maintenance services.