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La Société des Cafés tastes ... ready-to-drink

Discover theready-to-drinkby Pilot Coffee Roasters, House of Funk, Escape Coffee Roasters and Intelligentsia. The Société des Cafés team tasted all of their products, in order to better orient you on your next visit. Here are the descriptive sheets for each of the cafes to help you choose.

Pilot Cold Brew Black

This ready-to-drink fromPilot Coffee Roasters is the result of a cold brew process over a period of several hours. If the information regarding the coffee used for the brew is not disclosed, it will be noted that it is a well-balanced product, without bitterness and slightly sweet. Thanks to the nitrogen that has been added in a can, the coffee becomes smoother. Shake the container before serving the coffee in a transparent cup to see a thin collar appear on the surface.

Notes: Chocolate, maple syrup, creamy
Sold individually, $ 4/250 ml
Discover the Pilot Cold Brew Black

Sparkling House Cold Brew

The House Cold Brew ofHouse of funkis one of the ready-to-drink that surprised us the most. Prepared with Mellow Caramelo, a Brazilian coffee with hints of apple caramel, this cold coffee is definitely out of the ordinary. Some of us consider it floral and light; others perceive notes of sweet caramel first. In any case, it was above all the sparkling aspect of the coffee that caught our attention. Note that it lends itself perfectly to the preparation of a tonic coffee with an orange wedge and a few ice cubes.

Notes: Floral, caramel, light, sparkling
Sold individually, $ 4/355 ml
Discover the Sparkling House Cold Brew

Flashbrew - Cottage

This ready-to-drink fromEscape Coffee Roasters was made fromCottage, washed coffee from Colombia which, regardless of the brewing method (espresso, filter or cold brew), gives a delicious result. In this case, the Flash Brew technique is used, meaning that the coffee is brewed with hot water and then cooled by landing on ice cubes. We thus manage to keep all the complexity of the coffee and taste it in a cold drink. It is more particularly the sweetness of the caramel and the acidity of the green grapes that stand out when tasted.

Notes: Green grape, caramel
Sold individually, $ 4.49 / 250 ml
Sale in pack of 4, $ 16.96 / 4 x 250 ml
Discover the Flashbrew - Cottage

Flashbrew - Triple A

This second Flashbrew cafe fromEscape Coffee Roasters Originates from a washed coffee from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia, Triple A. The Flash Brew method here enhances the notes of ripe and sweet tropical fruits as well as the lively acidity of the coffee. When pouring it, a thin layer of bubbles forms on top. Its cloudy appearance does not suggest such freshness. For lovers of fruity coffee, this little Flashbrew can is a real treat.

Notes: Sweet peach, red fruits
Sold individually, $ 4.49 / 250 ml
Sale 4 pack, $ 16.96 / 4 x 250 ml
Discover the Flashbrew - Triple A

Cold coffee

As with Escape Coffee Roasters ready-to-drink, the beans from Peru and Ethiopia are the origins of Cold Coffee inIntelligentsia were brewed using the Flash brew method. This helps to preserve and enhance the natural sweetness of the coffee as well as its acidity. From the first sip, you notice the sweetness of the coffee followed by a vibrant acidity reminiscent of citrus. We suggest drinking it with a few ice cubes for maximum freshness.

Notes: Caramel, cherry, citrus
Sold individually, $ 6.95 / 325 ml
Discover the Cold Coffee

Oat Latte

If you like the classics, Oat Latte fromIntelligentsia you should like it. Paired with Oatly brand oat milk and turbinate sugar, this ready-to-drink made from a blend of grains from Peru and Ethiopia offers a creamy drink with notes of milk chocolate and molasses. A sweet and rich latte that is drunk well at all times of the day.

Notes: Milk chocolate, molasses, biscuit
Sold individually, $ 6.95 / 325 ml
Discover the Oat Latte 

Oat Spiced Latte

It is from a blend of grains from Ethiopia and Peru that this ready-to-drink d'Intelligentsia has been prepared. In addition to the coffee brewed using the Flash Brew technique, Oatly brand oat milk and turbinate sugar have been added. Intelligentsia was inspired by Avena, a popular South American drink made from oats, milk, water and cinnamon. The taste of Oat Spiced Latte is surprisingly similar to it. The balance between sweet and spicy is very well managed. To get the best of the taste experience, drink it cold, even if it means pouring it over one or two ice cubes.

Notes: Cinnamon, cereal, vanilla, smooth
Sold individually, $ 6.95 / 325 ml
Discover the Oat Spiced Latte

* For each product, the prices indicated exclude taxes.

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Research and writing: Chloé Pouliot