Day 24 - Coffee Advent Calendar 2022

Let's celebrate Christmas with an exceptional coffee for this last day of the coffee Advent calendar!

Quietly wanted to offer holiday coffee, without compromising on their mission to roast only single origin coffees. It was therefore after 6 years of collaboration with producer Katia Duke that this coffee emerged as the product that fitted this idea well. This coffee has undergone a low oxygen, anaerobic treatment, resulting in a beautiful, full, complex cup with festive notes reminiscent of sweet plums, orange spice cake and chocolate Yule log.

Light to medium roast is best drunk filtered, but suitable for a smoother, more adventurous espresso.

In filter

Amount : 20g ground coffee (sugar bean size) / 340 ml cup

  1. The bloom: start by pouring 5 0g water for the first 30 seconds to release the CO2 contained in the grain and the volatile aromatic compounds;
  2. Then, pour in a circular motion from the inside outwards 70 g water for another 30 seconds;
  3. We pour again 110g of water in a circular motion when the 2nd stage has not yet completely elapsed
  4. We end with a last sequence of 110g of water for a total steeping time of 3 minutes 40 seconds.

Desired infusion time in filter : 3 minutes 40 seconds

In espresso

We suggest an extraction of a double dose (18g) in 23 seconds. Although its notes may make you doubt it, it goes well with milk.

In summary

Sweet Plums, Spiced Orange Cake and Chocolate Yule Log

Varieties: Catuai & Obatá
Processes: Anaerobic red honey
Origin: Honduras
Region: Copán Ruinas, Copán
Altitude: 1300 MASL
Roast Profile: Light to Medium

Have a healthy happy holidays with love and good coffee ;)