Day 12 - Coffee Advent Calendar 2022

We danced to this cafe (literally)

This coffee comes from a relatively new washing station in Rwanda, called Gisheke, which is accessible only on foot or by boat. Today it is the fruit of the roasting of Hatch, a roaster in Markham, Ontario.

What is particularly special with this coffee is that it has undergone a maceration where, as with wine, the cherries are stepped on in order to crush them. The name of this process in Rwanda is "Ikinimba" which is also the name of a dance that tells the story of heroes and kings of Rwanda.

In espresso

18g for (double espresso) to extract 40 g of liquid in 25 seconds .

In filter

Quantity: 20g ground coffee (sugar grain size) / 320ml cup

  1. The bloom: start by pouring 40g water for the first 30 seconds to release the CO2 contained in the grain and the volatile aromatic compounds;
  2. Then pour in a circular motion from the inside outwards another 140g water;
  3. We end with a last 140g of water in a circular motion when the 2nd stage has not yet completely run out for a cup of 320 ml in total.

Desired infusion time in filter : 2 minutes 30 to 3 minutes.

    To be enjoyed quietly, giving it time to cool down. This will allow you to experience different layers of flavors.

    In summary

    Grape, dried date and vanilla

    Variety: Bourbon red
    Process: Washed
    Origin: Rwanda
    Region: Nyamasheka
    Roast Profile: Light

    Until tomorrow!