Day 11 - Coffee Advent Calendar 2022

Roast Magazine's Coffee Roaster of the Year

As evidenced by the cute label, Rabbit Hole is the roaster that has won the prestigious Roast Magazine Roast Magazine award . This recognition highlights the know-how of David and Sophie who, year after year, find exceptional coffees and roast them in an exceptional way.

You therefore have in your hands the exclusivity of the harvest of Luis Rolda, an agricultural engineer by training and an active militant of the group Cafe Colis Resistencia fighting against the exploitation of the Escobal silver mine of Pan American in Guatemala.

This coffee is medium roast with a little acidity, which can be drunk black, with milk or simply filtered. Lots of body reminiscent of malt and molasses notes. A touch of hazelnut and fruit, especially green apple.

In espresso

Ratio 1 to 2. If you have a 16-20g portafilter for the double espresso, you will need to reach 32-40g of liquid ideally in 28 to 32 seconds.

In espresso with milk, reduce the ratio to 1.9:1 for a longer extraction of 32-34 seconds.

In Americano, ratio 2.2 for 1. 16 to 20 g in 26 to 30 seconds.

In filter

V60 or Origami, ratio 15.5 to 1. Dose of 18-32g for an infusion time between 3 and 3 minutes 30.
Chemex or filter, ration 15.5 for 1. Dose of 40-60g for an infusion time of 4 minutes 30 to 5 minutes 45.
In the French press, ration 14 for 1. Dose of 18 to 25g for an infusion time of 3 minutes 45.

In summary

Purple grape, malt, milk chocolate and hazelnut

Variety: Yellow Catuai
Process: Washed
Origin: Guatemala
Region: Casillas, Santa Rosa
Roast profile: Medium

Until tomorrow!