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White paper filter - Light roast (box of 40)


For more flavors

This filter offers a high paper density, so almost all the fine powder is perfectly removed during the infusion. You can get a clean and tasty cup of coffee.

Since there is no crepe paper inside, the area is small. The fine coffee powders settle in this small area, so there is little water path left, so that water can collect well inside the paper filter. By accumulating water, the aromas multiply more.

In addition, thanks to the outer layer, the outgoing coffee liquid flows smoothly.

Technical specifications

  • Thickness 0.15 mm
  • Density:high
  • Crepe on one side (no crepe inside and crepe outside)

Brewing method with the Cafec filter

  1. Place the Flower Dripper infusion cone on your coffee cup. Insert the filter into the infusion cone and place your ground coffee. The ideal amount is between 10 and 12 g of coffee per cup (130 to 150ml of water).
  2. Pour the hot water in a rotating motion from the center outward to wet the coffee evenly. Wait 30 seconds for degassing.
  3. Once the coffee grounds have fully expanded, start pouring water again in a circular motion, as if you were making small circles. Pour the water slowly and close to the coffee, so that the water continuously flows over the coffee.
  4. When you are 2/3 of the water poured in, pour the remaining water more quickly by making larger circles.
  5. Once you've reached your water/coffee ratio, remove the brew cone from your cup.

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White paper filter - Light roast (box of 40)