Dark Roast CAFEC Filter - White

FSC certified white Abaca paper filter for dark roasting.

For body and softness

This paper has the crepe on both sides, but the height of the crepe is set to be lower. The specific surface is a little larger than that of filters for light roasting, that is, the adhesion area of fine powder is also larger. In the first half of the brew, the adhesion of the fine powder is not so great so the water can flow out more easily, but in the last half its adhesion becomes greater then it applies the brakes to it. flow of water.u.

This filter therefore allows a first rapid flow of water, then slow, which gives body and sweetness to the coffee.

Technical specifications

  • Thickness 0.22 mm
  • Density: medium
  • Crepe on both sides (low height)


Brewing method with the CAFEC filter

  1. Put down the infusion coneFlower Dripper on your coffee mug. Insert the filter into the infusion cone and place your ground coffee. The ideal amount is between 10 and 12 g of coffee per cup (130 to 150ml of water).
  2. Pour the hot water in a rotating motion from the center outward to wet the coffee evenly. Wait 30 seconds for degassing.
  3. Once the coffee grounds have fully expanded, start pouring water again in a circular motion, as if you were making small circles. Pour the water slowly and close to the coffee, so that the water continuously flows over the coffee.
  4. When you are 2/3 of the water poured in, pour the remaining water more quickly by making larger circles.
  5. Once you've reached your water / coffee ratio, remove the brew cone from your cup.
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