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Chemex classic series


The Chemex is both an infusion device and a serving container. It is probably one of the oldest devices, it is evenfeatured at MoMA in recognition for its design.

  • Allows you to refrigerate and reheat coffee without altering its taste
  • Ideally used with CHEMEX FP-1, FC-100, FS-100, FSU-100 filters
  • Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass that will not absorb odors and chemical residues

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    Suggested ratio: 1/16

    1. Grind 40 g of coffee (medium grind for filter).
    2. Heat water in a kettle to a temperature between 195°F and 203°F (91°C and 95C)..
    3. Use a scale and stopwatch to control the settings of your brew.
    4. Once the filter is placed and rinsed, add your freshly ground coffee.
    5. Pour, in a circular motion, 80 g of water.During this phase called the outbreak (bloom), rotate the Chemex slightly to submerge all of the grind. Wait 45 seconds.
    6. Add 180 g of water. Wait 45 seconds.
    7. Repeat twice until you have a total of 640g of water.
    8. Shake the container to mix the coffee well.
    9. Enjoy.

    Chemex classic series