• Arita Deep Dripper Pro
  • Arita Deep Dripper Pro
  • Arita Deep Dripper Pro

Arita Deep Dripper Pro

A much deeper filter layer than that of Flower Dripper!

The lower angle of a normal cone-shaped dripper is 60 °. On the other hand, that of the Deep Dripper is 45 °. By reducing the angle less than 45 °, we have obtained an unprecedented shape which allows to increase the surface of the filter layer. Anyone, even a beginner to drip, can easily brew great coffee with this Deep Dripper.

Hexagonal shape

Its hexagonal shape allows better air retention between the paper and the cone, helped by the support points. The wider the air layer, the more the coffee powder can fully open.

  • Format 3 to 7 cups and requires Cafec Deep 45 filters
  • Made of Arita porcelain
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