Specialty coffees - third wave coffees

A specialty coffee is a coffee rated by a coffee expert(Q Grading) between 80 and 100. 

In Quebec, it is estimated that there are more than 2,000 coffees and more than forty roasters. Without counting the rest of Canada, it can be said that the coffee market is vast. The offer is growing and the quality of products offered continues to grow. So thee Moussonneur in Rimouski bathes its green coffee bean in salt water, Ghost Café of Quebecinvests in farmers so that they can improve the quality of their products to the specialty level ... There are not only products, but human stories behind every bag of coffee.fé.

In Canada, about 12 coffees per week are drunk at home. Considering that we consume 10 to 18 g of coffee per cup, of espresso filter, that's almost a bag of coffee in a week and a half per person. Thus, the average shopping basket of a coffee consumer contains more than 50 bags per year.née.

As only 20 of the population consumes specialty coffees in Quebec for the moment, the Société des Cafés's mission is to democratize this market, to help consumers better identify their taste profile and to make these coffees more accessible in their daily life.en.