Caffeinated gift ideas for Mother's Day

Here are some gift suggestions for mom, aunt, friend or grandma in love with coffee to celebrate Mother's Day.

 Tasse café en céramique

Craftsmen from here

Indulging while encouraging local artisans is easy at Société des Cafés. We advise you, to celebrate Mother's Day, the cup and plate set » in the colors of the boutique, designed by Viviane Leblanc Brassard, who created Épinette Noire. Hand-turned and painted, these ceramic pieces are very durable and even dishwasher safe. The mug can hold up to 8.5 ounces of liquid. The matching plate will serve to accompany the coffee with a small bite. Made from colored clay fired directly from the pieces, the colors do not fade over time. The set will be able to accompany your loved one for a long time. We also have in store an 8 oz white porcelain mug shaped by Viviane. She is decorated with two birds either in shades of blue, peach or red.


Espresso lovers will be happy to receive any of the products from L'Atelier espresso or E-Pur Design. At the head of this Quebec City company are Pier-Paul Fortin (Atelier Espresso) wood craftsman and roaster and Nicolas, cabinetmaker, (E-Pur Design)a company working in the creation and design of furniture and other projects relating to wood. We have dosing rings as well as coffee presses made of cherry, padouk or walnut wood for filter holders of different diameters. These objects, both aesthetic and practical, will facilitate the preparation of coffee.

When we talk about the work done here, it's hard not to suggest the range of specialty coffees roasted by very talented roasters from Quebec such as Cantook Micro-torréfacteur, Fantôme, La Petite Brûlerie de Deschambault, Monkland Torréfacteur and all the others. .

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Ecological gifts

For the green mom, the first mug in the world made from recycled cardboard glasses, the Circular Cup , will ensure the 0 damage in teleworking and will keep its hot drink. In addition to reducing its carbon footprint, each cup made it possible to recycle 6 single-use cups.


Mom likes to stock up To keep her coffee beans a little longer, the vacuum containeris a nice option.

We also have the fReusable coffee filters 100% cotton and organic yarn made in Quebec by a local seamstress.

She loves to shop on foot Why not complete your gift with our reusable fabric bag from Société des Cafés made in Quebec He can follow her everywhere!!

Filter coffee lover

What if you offered different flowers this yearée?


Combine colors and techniques with CAFEC's Flower Dripper manual infusion cones that ensure a full-flavored infusion and let the best aromas flow. The flower-shaped ridges keep a sufficient layer of air between the paper filter and the infusion cone. Thanks to this free space, the coffee can then expand and expand completely on contact with water.

Want to take the concept a step further We have the beaker infusion containers as well as the over-the-stove kettles with the best designed gooseneck to ensure unprecedented precision when brewing. pouring'.

Note that the Flower Dripper comes in two sizes: one cup and two to four cup sizes. Matched with a paper filter or a reusable filter, it can become a must for the preparation of your filter coffees

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Espresso lover

For the espresso or latte type mom, it might be interesting to complete her coffee corner according to your budget and her needs.


Coffee press, scale, box to knock or coffee grinder, we have the necessary accessories at all stages of making the perfect espresso. What to say about our selection of specialty coffees Whether mom is chocolate, hazelnut or fruity, we have the coffee that suits her! 

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The curious mom

So that mom never runs out of coffee, why not subscribe to our new discovery coffee box Through a growing selection of specialty coffees chosen by our team, adapted according to her preferences, she will have the choice among more than 100 products and nearly 40 roasters from here and elsewhere..


As during a visit to a store where she would be advised and guided by our recommendations, she will receive her discovery box at home, without having to think about when to restock. It will be able to decide the rate of consumption, the frequency of delivery and the number of bags.

She can even compose her mixed box by type of infusion, indicating the number of espresso, filter or decaffeinated bags she wants.

Find out more about the discovery subscription box here

Finally, there is always thegift card paper or online available at all times to let him or her come and see us!

But before all that, take the time to tell mom that you love her;)


1. How water flows over the bed of ground coffee during brewing