What is the best brewing tool to bring out the maximum flavor of coffee CAFEC, as the world's leading developer of cone-shaped filter paper, launched the Flower Dripper to make it the manual brewing tool that makes bring out the flavors of the coffee as much as possible.fé. 

The longer the hot water penetrates into the coffee powder, the better the coffee taste. All CAFEC products have been designed to embody this theory.

Because there is nothing better than freshly brewed hand brewed coffeetaste the aromas with your nose even before your taste buds

The revolutionary idea of making gouges in the internal surface of the infusion cone allows to keep a sufficient layer of air between the paper and the `` dripper '' so that the coffee powder can expand completely as in a Nel Dripper. The cone-shaped tool therefore helps to form a deep filter layer and allow water to circulate inside the cone. Water penetrates all over the coffee powders so that the coffee taste becomes smooth but with body. This manual infusion method therefore makes it possible to further highlight the flavors of the coffee and to make the infusion more stable thanks to the flow path which ends in a serrated opening.

Arita porcelain

It is a representative porcelain brand of Japan with nearly 400 years of history. High quality porcelain clay and stone powder are mixed and fired at a very high temperature of 1300. It is a very hard and resistant mineral and its texture is very fine..

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