About Société des Cafés

La Société des Cafés wants to be a leader of change in the democratization of specialty coffee in Quebec. It allows the discovery of the know-how of roasters from here and elsewhere mainly through the sale of bags of coffee, in addition to offering workshops, training and a range of accessories necessary for the preparation of coffee.

Coffee beans have over 800 aromas that our senses can detect. In comparison, wine contains only 400.

Roasting allows the coffee beans to develop their delicious aromas. So you have to know how to recognize them. The Société des cafés wants to be a destination to participate in the growth of the consumption of specialty coffees, to democratize the methods of infusion and to help in the discovery of flavors. In particular, the Company wants to improve understanding of where the beans come from (a specialty coffee must be 100% traceable, from the farm where the beans are harvested to distribution to consumers). Above all, she wants the customer to learn what influences quality and taste (brewing method, grind, water, type of roast, etc.) to make informed choices based on their tastes.