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Cold Brew vs. Flash Brew:cold brew coffee

With hot weather comes the urge to drink iced coffees. While brewing Cold Brew and Flash Brew both require water, ground coffee, and ice, they give quite different results and have their respective advantages depending on the circumstances. We offer you an overview of their particularities.

Two preparation techniques

Cold Brew refers to a full immersion cold infusion technique, that is to say that the ground coffee is immersed in cold water for a period of more or less 12 hours. To get somecold brew, just take a good-sized container, add the coarsely ground coffee to some water, let it sit at room temperature, then strain it. If you want to try making this, a French press can be a good device for brewing, since a filter is already built into it. The resulting beverage is a coffee concentrate that you can then dilute with cow or vegetable milk or simply with cold water, then serve with ice cubes.

The preparation ofFlash Brew, also called Japanese iced coffee, involves gradually cooling the beverage over ice cubes. It can be prepared using an infusion cone, a Chemex or an Aeropress. Regardless of the device, we use the same infusion method as usual by replacing part of the water (either a third or a half) with ice cubes placed at the bottom of your container. The coffee infused with hot water lands on the ice cubes which cool it in real time.


On each occasion, his method

The Cold Brew method makes it possible to brew a higher amount of coffee at a time. We keep the coffee concentrate in the refrigerator for up to two weeks so that we can use it whenever we want. Some will even freeze it in small portions. The Cold Brew technique allows for stocking up while coffee prepared with the Flash Brew method is meant to be enjoyed as soon as the brew is complete.

One of the peculiarities in the preparation of Cold Brew is the use of cold water to make the infusion. Low temperature water extracts flavors more slowly than hot water. This produces a softer and more caffeinated coffee, without acidity and bitterness. In such a context, the subtleties of the grain are not able to express themselves optimally. Conversely, since the Flash Brew method involves infusing the coffee with hot water, it helps retain the more delicate flavors. We can thus taste, in the same way as with a hot coffee, the particularities of the bean (the effects of the variety, the terroir and the post-harvest treatment on the taste). It is for this reason that we generally recommend using this method, the Flash Brew for your light roasts and the Cold Brew technique, for your coffees with a more frank profile.c.

If you want to taste those prepared by roasters from here and elsewhere, you will find at the Société des Cafés both cans of Cold Brew and Flash Brew to drink on your terrace or in the parks. If you prefer to make your own from a specialty coffee instead, some have more suitable profiles, do not hesitate to ask us for advice. Also, if you have coffee that's a bit older, it'll make a great candidate for Cold Brew testing.


How to prepare a Cold Brew at home?

To prepare a coffee with the Cold Brew technique according to a ratio of 1/15:

  • Coarsely grind 40 g of coffee.
  • In a French press or any other large container you have on hand (Mason jar, pitcher, etc.), add the ground coffee and 600 ml of filtered water at room temperature.
  • Shake and close the container. Stir it occasionally when you see the grains come to the surface for a better infusion.
  • Let everything rest in the refrigerator for 24 to 36 hours.
  • Strain the mixture (using your French press or a paper or cotton filter over a colander).
  • Enjoy with a few ice cubes.
  • Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

To know :
Some will prefer to pre-infuse with water brought to a boil before adding water at room temperature. To do this, boil filtered water, then pour 80 ml of water in order to submerge the entire grind. Wait 30 seconds before adding the remaining 520 ml of water at room temperature.

How to make a Flash Brew at home?

To brew coffee (Flash Brew style) with a ratio of 1/16:

  • Grind 20 g of coffee for manual filter.
  • Bring filtered water to a boil.
  • Use a Chemex or an infusion cone with a previously rinsed paper filter or a cotton filter.
  • Weigh 120 g of ice in your Chemex or in a carafe on which you will add your infusion cone.
  • Place the ground coffee inside the filter.
  • Pre-infuse your coffee with 60 ml of hot water by submerging the entire grind. Wait 30 seconds.
  • Add 90ml of water in a circular motion for a total of 150ml.
  • After 15 seconds, continue with the remaining 50 ml of water. Wait for it all to flow.
  • Stir, then pour into a glass containing ice cubes.

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