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  • Cold Brew vs. Flash Brew : café infusé à froid

    Cold Brew vs. Flash Brew:cold brew coffee

    With hot weather comes the urge to drink iced coffees. While brewing Cold Brew and Flash Brew both require water, ground coffee, and ice, they give quite different results and have their respective advantages depending on the circumstances. We offer...

  • Le PUCK PUCK : Du slow drip avec l’AeroPress

    The PUCK PUCK:Slow drip with the AeroPress

    The AeroPress is known for its versatility. To transform it into a completely different infusion device, several accessories have been designed, including the PUCK PUCK in 2017. The latter makes your AeroPress a cold infusion system and is an economical...

  • Sur le sac - Une question de terroir?

    On the bag - A question of terroir?

    A recent wave of scientific research has revealed that terroir confers a distinctive chemical or microbial signature. Certain origins contribute to the unique profile of coffee due to geography and climate, the varieties grown there and the methods developed by coffee growers.
  • Trois origines distinctes à découvrir pour leur offre de cafés

    Three distinct origins to discover for their coffee offer

    Recognized as the birthplace of Arabica, Ethiopia is also Africa's largest coffee producer. Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia – which stand out for their coffee offer, suggest taste profiles influenced by geographical and climatic variables.
  • Les essentiels pour entretenir sa machine espresso et son moulin

    Essentials for maintaining your espresso machine and grinder

    Because it's not just about having good coffees on hand, your equipment must also be able to make the most of them. For this reason and to stretch their lifespan, the maintenance of your espresso machine and your grinder becomes one of the priorities. In fact, some models are designed to last up to 10 years (and more) if properly maintained. Not cleaning your espresso machine can over time lead to the accumulation of deposits up to the obstruction of pipes and heating elements.
  • Actualités — Hausse sans précédent du prix du grain vert

    News — Unprecedented increase in the price of green grain

    Released last November, the International Coffee Organization report indicated that the price of green bean Arabica had just climbed 77.9%, after four consecutive years of significantly low prices. What can explain such a significant jump Pandemic, climatic phenomena and a...