Day 7 - Coffee Advent Calendar 2022

Barbosa: Cup of Excellence 2021 champion.

There is no doubt that the name Barbosa is associated with a great Brazilian coffee producer. In 2021, the harvest of his yellow c atuaí earned him nothing less than a score of 90.5 points, giving him first place in the Cup of Excellence competition.

Although it is not this harvest that you will find today, for this day 7 of the calendar, you will still have the chance to taste the know-how of this great master roasted by Escape Coffee located in Montreal.

In espresso

Ratio 1 to 2. If you have an 18g portafilter for the double espresso, you will need to reach 36g of liquid ideally in 28 to 32 seconds.

In filter

Quantity: 20g ground coffee (sugar bean size) / 320 ml cup

  • The bloom: start by pouring 80 g of water for the first 45 seconds to release the CO2 contained in the grain and the volatile aromatic compounds;
  • Then, pour in a circular motion from the inside outwards 120 g water for another 45 seconds;
  • Wait 1 minute 30 seconds;
  • We finish with a last sequence of 120 g of water for a total infusion time of 3 minutes 30 seconds.
  • In summary

    Creamy milk chocolate, hazelnut (Nutella)

    Varieties: Red Catuai
    Processes: Natural
    Origin: Brazil
    Region: Cerrado Mineiro
    Roast profile: Medium

    Until tomorrow!