Day 6 - Coffee Advent Calendar 2022

A nice fruity cup without acidity.

Located in Prévost in the Laurentians, KOHI micro-torréfacteur roasts with care, offering an unpretentious approach and coffees. For the sixth day of our coffee Advent calendar, they offer you Shakiso, a coffee from Ethiopia that will surprise you with its fruity side, but without acidity. Although the roaster has a soft spot for a smooth brew, this coffee is just as great to drink as an espresso. For KOHI, this coffee is a reminder of why they love African coffees so much.

SHAKISO is part of DIMTU COFFEE INDUSTRIES, a southern Ethiopian company that plays an important role in several facets of the coffee supply chain: export, harvest, washing stations and above all, an in-depth assistance program for different small producers in the organization.

DIMTU helps producers and offers training in organic land cultivation to make plantations more sustainable and yield better quality crops, year after year.

In espresso

Ratio 1:2.2. If you have an 18g portafilter for the double espresso, you will need to reach 40g of liquid ideally in 30 seconds.

In filter

Quantity: 20g ground coffee (sugar grain size) / 3 cup 40 ml

  • The bloom: start by pouring 80 g of water for the first 45 seconds to release the CO2 contained in the grain and the volatile aromatic compounds;
  • Then, pour in a circular motion from the inside outwards 130 g water for another 45 seconds;
  • Wait 1 minute 30 seconds;
  • We finish with a last sequence of 130 g of water for a total steeping time of 3 minutes.
  • In summary

    Iced tea, raspberry

    Varieties: Indigenous (Ethiopia)
    Processes: Washed
    Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
    Region: Odo Shakiso
    Roast profile: Medium-dark

    Until tomorrow!