Day 15 - Coffee Advent Calendar 2022

A cup of milk chocolate covered with berries

We coming from Ethica, a roaster from Toronto, Ontario, which has now been in its 3rd year of operation for a few weeks. We particularly like the roasting style of these, which suggests coffees with a nice delicacy. Don't get me wrong, delicacy here doesn't mean devoid of flavor.

This coffee, the El Recuerdo, comes from El Salvador from the farm bearing that name. It is the result of the work of 4 generations and now under the aegis of Juan Carlos Gregg, its producer. This is the red bourbon variety that has undergone a natural treatment. It has been roasted and is recommended as a filter in its current form.

In filter

Quantity: 20g ground coffee (sugar grain size) / 320ml cup

  1. The bloom: start by pouring 40g water for the first 30 seconds to release the CO2 contained in the grain and the volatile aromatic compounds;
  2. Then pour in a circular motion from the inside outwards another 140g water;
  3. We end with a last 140g of water in a circular motion when the 2nd stage has not yet completely run out for a cup of 320 ml in total.

Desired infusion time in filter : 2 minutes 30 to 3 minutes.

    To be enjoyed quietly, giving it time to cool down. This will allow you to experience different layers of flavors.

    In espresso

    18g for (double espresso) to extract 40 g of liquid in 25 seconds .

    In summary

    Milk chocolate, stone fruits and berries

    Variety: Bourbon red
    Process: Natural
    Origin: Salvador
    Region: Apaneca Ilamatepec, Juayua
    Roast Profile: Medium-Light

    Until tomorrow!